H O U S T O N   P E R M I T 
E   X   P   E   D   I   T   E   R

GENERAL CONTRACTORS, homebuilders, architects, engineers, business owners and property managers have turned to Houston Permit Expediter for their permit expediting needs. We are professional planners experienced in regulatory processes with established rapport and strong working relationships with approving authorities ensuring timely approval of your project. 

Avoid the hassle and frustration of dealing with cities and counties by letting Houston Permit Expediter use its good contacts and established rapport to get your building permit painlessly. Houston Permit Expediter will work closely with you to develop unique strategies and solutions that adapt to your needs, requirements, timelines and budget.

We will streamline the process for residential and commercial permits by working with your organization to establish processes and rocedures
that will make your submittals easier to approve. Houston Permit Expediter can handle any commercial or residential project, from ground up new construction to a small interior finish—including restaurants!


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